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Welcome at Farm Dairy

Farm Dairy, based in Lelystad, The Netherlands, is a private label manufacturer of fresh dairy products. The company supplies its products to both retailers (supermarkets) and to other fresh dairy producers.

Farm Dairy distinguishes itself by consistently providing high quality products at low cost.

Focus on fresh products

Every day Dutch livestock farmers deliver fresh milk to the factory, which is processed the same day. By combining rapid processing with excellent logistics, Farm Dairy can provide its customers with fresh products every day.

Origins of Farm Dairy

Farm Dairy was founded in 1998 by G. de Bruijne, owner of the Farm Frites Group. Production started on the first of April 1999. In recent years, the company has grown rapidly; especially sales of 2 litre bottles increased significantly.


Farm Dairy • Kaapstanderweg 50 • 8243 RB Lelystad • The Netherlands • Tel.: +31 (0)320 267880 • Kvk: 243.27.163