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About Farm Dairy

Farm Dairy is based in Lelystad and provides fresh milk products under private label. These products can be delivered to the retail channel, the 'out of home' channel, other manufacturers and institutional customers.

The company processes approx. 200 million kilograms of milk per year, making it one of the bigger production sites of fresh dairy products in the Netherlands.

Farm Dairy means quality.

Farm Dairy aims to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost through:

  • staff flexibility and dedication
  • experience gained by employees inside and outside dairy sector
  • highly effective operations
  • adequate scale for efficient production

WCM process

In September 2010, Farm Dairy launched the World Class Manufacturing process (WCM).World Class entrepreneurship means industry-leading operations, securing optimum performance in terms of turnaround (lead time), quality and resource use. At the end of the day, this is key for satisfying customers and ensuring customer loyalty.

WCM aims to eliminate waste of raw materials, time, knowledge, energy, transport, etc.

WCM stands for lean operations, production optimization (TPM), and commitment to excellence in quality! (Six Sigma).

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